good morning good morning!

it's too late to say good night.

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Born, raised and stuck in Sweden (a Scandinavian country where people go into depression when autumn arrives. True facts). Still a student and living the busy life of one while trying to balance education, social-life and, of course, the iLife (internet life, you know?). So far not so good, but fearing this last year before graduation might actually wear me down quite bad. But hey, such is life!

Oh, seriously, I can't write things like this. If there's something you want to know just ask, all right? I'll just mention a few of the obvious things about myself in case that will satisfy someone.

Well, first off, I love to read, write and draw. One of the reasons I started this was to post my writing, after all. On another site than fanfiction.net and so on. This is more like an online drabble collection for me. With pictures.

Secondly, I'm an anime geek. I love it. Period. Too lazy to finish watching some shows though, and at this period of my life I have less time to enjoy anime than I would prefer. Also, Sweden is a...well, pain in my illegally-dling-ass. All hail the Pirate Party! (Don't take that seriously, if you're a Swede and know what I'm talking about. My political standpoint is...muddled.)

Well, I think that's it for now. Need to get moving, be on another place, do something social, you know, that crap. I'll get back to y'all.

Peace out!