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RK - KenKao fic "Dating with Dubious Consent"

Dating with Dubious Consent (1577 words) by surrenderdammit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Himura Kenshin/Kamiya Kaoru
Characters: Sagara Sanosuke
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Crack, Humor

Sano sets Kenshin up on a date in a rather unusual manner. Sano doesn't quite understand how the world works.

Kaoru is not pleased.

I reject your reality

Another, smaller, update

I've cleaned out the backlog of messages that's piled up on this site so some comments and replies probably followed in the massive spring (eerr...end of summer) cleaning. Sorry, but yeah, starting afresh?

Anyway, unrelated to my LJ vacation, I've moved from my old flat to a new one at the beginning of this year. I currently live with a flatmate, though the contract runs out in December. We're hoping to extend it for another 6 months. Um, I also switched programs in Uni. I've completed my first year of the 3 years. The program is European studies and it's really interesting, though the upcoming 2nd year I'll be studying French. YELP. I've forgotten all my 7 years of it. Urgh.

That's the gist of it! Lots of ups and down along the way, of course. 

Lots of switches between fandoms as well, I've branches out quite well. I'm trying to go back to my old ones, but I've very dependent on my muse, so we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, that's about it. See previous post for links to where I post most of my work nowadays if you're still interested in it! :)

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I reject your reality

IMPORTANT UPDATE + RK Fic - KenKao - "Step into the Cave, My Parlor"

Yes, yes. I am alive. I've only sort of left this site. I mostly just it to read fics and don't post here much at all any more.

I've also branched out in my fandoms. I know write for BBC Sherlock and Supernatural as well.

You can find me most active on these sites, fic/art wise;


For misc. other things, I'm active over here;


As for the actual fic! Here we go;

Rating: M/R for sexual themes
Summary: No one else seemed to have been saddled with possessive red-heads of a supernatural nature, who seemed to think hoarding was an acceptable rite of courtship.

>>>Link.to Story<<<

slashing ur doodz

FanFic; KKBB kink meme "I was 2 steps from Paradise"

(Fuck you LJ and your FUCKED UP formatting!!! *RAGES*)


Pairing: Harry/Perry

Rating: R to possible NC-17

Warnings: It's been a while since I wrote for this fandom, English isn't my first language so although it's been proof read by my lovely friend EclecticRegard (Shizuka-Ame), please consider any errors left as mine.

Notes: Response to two prompts at the KKBB kink meme; the first part is for the prompt "Harry/Perry. Harry never stops talking." The second part will be for the prompt "" Ah you know Perry's a secret romantic. We all know. Except Harry, who sadly resigned himself to life as a fuck on the side, and never stays a full night. Perry sets about rectifying the situation. Angst, fluff, porn, you decide!".

Perhaps not quite what the OP wanted, but I did my best. My muse cannot be tamed, sadly.

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I reject your reality

For Shizuka; a BBC!Sherlock fanfic

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Warning: English is not my first language, this is un-betaed, and it is my very first Sherlock Holmes fanfiction.

Notes: This was written for my dear darling shizuka-ame whom I hold dear and who have a weakness for BBC!Holmes/Watson domestics. This ended up being something really silly, however, but I hope she will like it nonetheless! :)


(I've fixed a few typos, but I don't know if I caught them all. Sorry!)

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